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Our Team

Unbeatable Customer Service and Quality

By choosing to work with A. M. Communications Solutions, Inc., you are choosing to work with experts in the field. Founded in 1999, we have over twenty years of expertise in hospital television systems and constantly searching for the newest technologies. Let us know whether you’re looking to purchase products for your home or office and we’ll happily advise you on what will best suit your needs and requirements.

Marcy Grambo - President

Michele Griffin - Vice President / Sales and Customer Service

Lynn Peck - Customer Service / Programs and Services

Jeff Griffin - National Service Manager

Mark Cluck - Project Manager

Morgan Grambo - Finance & Marketing Associate


About the Company

A.M. Communications Solutions, Inc. is a woman-owned small business. Our products are of the highest-quality. We work tirelessly to provide the products you need right when you need them at an affordable price. We work with both residential and commercial customers, and can advise on the products and services that may best suit your needs.


A.M. Communication Solutions, Inc. works with medical care facilities including hospitals, long-term care, and dialysis centers, as well as other  commercial facilities that focus on caring for patients in need of medical attention. At our company, we know that receiving these treatments, in the moment and over the long-term, can cause deep anxiety, stress, and depression in patients.

Our solution is to ease those feelings and thoughts by providing unlimited entertainment, relaxation, and education through the low-voltage television systems. Removing those negative experiences of their care enables patients to recover quickly, reduce repeat visits, and increase their overall wellness and satisfaction. We do this with our all-in-one product, service, and support so that medical care professionals can focus on the medicine, while we focus on the additional aspects of patient care and satisfaction by providing a little positive distraction.