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Mounting Solutions

We offer mounting solutions from a number of suppliers, including PDi Communications Systems, Inc., peerless-AV, Lucasey, and GCX Mounting Solutions.  With twenty years of installation experience, we are experts in finding the perfect solution for mounting an array of displays, especially hospital televisions.

Interested in learning more about mounting solutions for your facility? Call us at 717-292-4220.


GCX Mounting Solutions (NEW)

We are excited to partner with GCX to expand our mounting solutions, including a lineup of essential products:

  • Arms

  • Counter-top mounts

  • Ceiling mounts

  • Carts and Rolls Stands

  • Post/Pole and Rail Mounts​

  • An array of accessories​

iPad and tablet mounting solutions are also available through GCX. 

PDi Mounts

Floor, Ceiling, and Counter Mounts
Standard AV Arm Mount
Slim Power Mount
Slim Line GCX Rail Bracket
Clevis Wall Bracket for 1000 Series Arms
Clevis Wall Bracket with Internal Power Supply
Mounting Plates, Rotational Stops, Mobile Carts


peerless-AV Mounts

SmartMount® Articulating Wall Mount
SmartMount® Universal Flat Wall Mount
SmartMount® Pull-out Pivot Wall Mount
DesignerSeries™ Universal Ultra Slim Articulating Wall Mount

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