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Taking a Closer Look at Service Contracts

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

All facilities require a commitment to maintenance, and television systems are no exception. There is no denying that recently service and repair requests have increased ten-fold. With more significant concerns on healthcare facilities’ plates in the last two years, patient education and entertainment systems at most facilities have been operating at less than 100%, but A.M. Communications is here to help. We have outlined below a few important details to consider: our customizable approach, who is eligible and would greatly benefit, and how to inquire about a quote for establishing a service contract at your facility.

Is a service contract right for me? What is normally included?

Service contracts are customizable and flexible, making them a good fit for nearly any healthcare facility. A basic service contract could include service and on-site repair for patient and lobby televisions, as well as head-end equipment, and troubleshooting signal issues to ensure quality picture. A.M. Communications is a warranty repair center for PDi and LG televisions. We primarily focus on PDi and LG products, for which we are a warranty repair center, we also frequently encounter DIRECTV, Z-Band, Samsung, and many other brands. With our customizable approach, we have the ability to tailor a service contract to the existing equipment at your facility. With 20+ years of experience in service, there are very few issues and products that we have not seen before.

In terms of the time commitment from our technicians, we customize the contract to fit your needs and scope of your facility. A standard service contract tends to include one to two days of on-site labor per week. In addition, we always include emergency service calls into your contract, which cover your facility for immediate servicing in the event of an emergency (as defined in the contract).

Who is eligible for a service contract?

Hospitals, campuses, dialysis centers, and groups of clinics and doctor’s offices are all great candidates for service contracts. If your facility has a signal distribution system, we can help. If you are a company that manages a number of facilities, a service contract can afford systematized, preventative maintenance and timely repair for each facility under one trusted vendor relationship.

A.M. Communications primarily establishes service contracts with facilities in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., but we are open to discussing service contracts in locations outside of those areas.

What are the benefits?

  • Guaranteed availability and priority of service

  • Access to our 20+ years of expertise, as well as service documents

  • Cost-saving - A fixed rate as opposed to by-service charges

  • Preventative maintenance - Proactive service completed during on-site hours helps avoid issues that emerge from neglected technology.

  • Establishing relationships with technicians who retain institutional knowledge and foster collaborative partnerships

  • Technical support - Telephone consultations and service at no additional charge

  • On-site consultations, walk-throughs, and plan reviews (within reason)

  • In-service is available to facility employees during service hours

How do I inquire about establishing a service contract?

If you are interested in exploring if a service contract is right for your facility, or curious about how much it might cost, download and complete this form. By completing the inquiry form, Marcy and Michele will be able to determine the best way to approach your facility’s needs and can discuss your options. Or, give us a call today at 717-292-4220!

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