For elegant signal distribution. | PD295-004 | Deliver beautiful HD 1080 signal, farther.

  • Provides higher resolution than using an NTSC modulator to transmit video to hospital TVs
  • Connects to TV via CAT6a cable and provides homeruns up to 250 ft, no POE; if existing CAT5e, 200 ft.
  • Combines streaming HDMI video and Set Top Box control over CAT cable
  • Eliminates the need for a modulator or HDMI Extender
  • Eliminates need for patient remote
  • Provides seamless IR control of satellite receivers and cable set top boxes from the television’s keypad, remote and/or pillow speaker
  • Reduces headend complexity
  • Fits all standard mini-mod racks
  • Powered by chassis power supply when mounted in a standard chassis. (If stand alone, a PDi power cord must be ordered separately PD106-747).
  • PD295-004 must be combined with -xM3 or -xB3 PDi televisions (x=color). 



BELLA-HD Universal HDMI Set Top Box Interface (PD295-004)