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Celebrating, and Supplying, Those Who Serve

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

We are proud to serve as a supplier of telecommunications and television systems to the United States Armed Forces. For over twenty years, A.M. Communications Solutions, Inc. has provided high-quality, up-to-date products and services for military facilities across the nation.

Our company offers competitive pricing on an array of products that will serve your facility’s needs. The majority of our buyers are interested in:

  • Display and TV Mounts from peerless-AV. Whether wall or ceiling, articulating or stationary, projector mounts, and indoor/outdoor options, we are experts in mounting solutions.

  • Televisions and Monitors from LG and PDi Communications. We host a comprehensive line of SMART and Standard televisions on our GSA schedule.

  • Emergency Call Stations from Guardian Telecom. For the number of facilities that require explosion-proof and emergency call stations, we can offer competitive pricing from a top manufacturer.

  • Air Purifiers from LG. As we have learned in the past few years, air purifiers are essential technology for anywhere that people gather.

View our GSA Contract # 47QSMA21D08NL and current pricing here. We highly recommend completing an inventory of your facility’s technology needs in the first quarter of 2022. To request a quote for the products mentioned above, or any other needs, please click the button below.

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