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Spotlight on SWANK for Streaming Patient Entertainment

While Americans are increasingly turning to streaming for television and movie entertainment, nearly all streaming services have yet to meet the demand for their services in commercial and institutional settings. SWANK Motion Pictures, Inc. is one of the major exceptions providing customizable, streaming services for patient entertainment.

Entering a new year partnering with SWANK and witnessing renewals from our customers of their services, we’d like to highlight their exceptional platform and the opportunity they provide for hospitals and other facilities to expand their capacity to meet patient comfort and entertainment needs with their on-demand content available on a range of devices (facility and personal).

SWANK highlights its services below:

  • Accessible for every patient – no matter their socioeconomic status or technical aptitude

Accessibility is key. With no sign-in required, all patients have equitable access to entertainment offerings as opposed to signing into personal streaming accounts and leaving those without wanting.

  • Includes a video repository so you can upload your own hospital content

  • Aggregates hundreds of studios covering every genre, including new releases, family favorites, and binge-worthy TV

Our experience has provided first-hand insight into working with facilities on quarterly updates of new titles to meet the up-to-date interests of patients and finding the correct balance of entertainment options for each facility’s population.

  • Currently, serve over 100,000 beds directly and through third-party partners, including more than 900 hospitals, clinics, infusion centers, and more.

  • Over 80% of customers are at or above their state average for patient satisfaction scores

  • 100% of surveyed customers agree having the latest Swank movies and TV content improves their patient experience

Contact us today to learn more about SWANK and to receive a quote for their streaming, on-demand services.

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