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Our Impact on In-Center Dialysis

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Four hours per treatment, three treatments a week. The amount of time that dialysis patients spend receiving treatment is difficult to imagine without having first-hand experience. One of the most significant considerations of dialysis patient experience is how will I spend all that time?

For over twenty-two years, A.M. Communications Solutions, Inc. has worked with our customers and suppliers to explore a number of patient education and entertainment solutions, which are especially useful for dialysis patients who might benefit from a little relaxation and distraction.

How can we help?

Improving patient experience requires acknowledging that every patient is unique. In working with PDi Communications Systems, Inc., we recommend personal arm-mounted televisions that have an array of capabilities to conform to each patient’s interests:

  • Television

  • Games

  • Social Media

  • Education

  • Relaxation

  • Browsing the Web

Customization is key. We offer a number of sizes, options with or without cameras and microphones, and internet capabilities. A solution is easily available in our product line for any dialysis clinic television and accessory needs.

In addition to purchasing, A.M. Communications Solutions, Inc. is a one-stop solution, providing installation and repair services. For building and acquiring new facilities, we are experts in swift, polished installation. We are available for remote and in-person service calls. When you select us as your providers, you will always reach someone with ears of experience working in the field.

Interested in seeing our work?

In over five years, A.M. Communications Solutions, Inc. has completed over one hundred and fifty installations at American Renal Facilities. We are proud to share a brief tour of their facility in Parker, Colorado, for which we completed the installation and continue to service.

Call us today at 717-292-4220, or request a quote for products and services for your dialysis facility.

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